Friday, November 18, 2011

Call of the Wild

  This book has a few not fully elucidated questions, but it is still a wonderful book. There's plenty of character development and not only does it follow Buck, but it also covers John Thornton as they go on their big adventure together, taking place in the gold rush of 1897. There are many thrilling characters along the way, from Spitz to Francois. Buck's owners before John Thorton were usually not very good ones, but it does make the story more exciting and sad. I would recommend this book to action/ adventure lovers. There is no romance, unless you watch the movie, which is very different from the book. Out of five stars it deserves 4.5 stars. It's a classic Jack London novel that I'm sure you'll love! Sorry I haven't posted in a while; I've been busy!   

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