Monday, January 2, 2012

Thirteenth Child

Thirteenth Child is a great book by Patricia C. Wrede who also wrote The Enchanted Forest Chronicles: Dealing With Dragons, etc. It's about Eff, a thirteenth child, who happens to be the elder twin of Lan, a seventh son of a seventh son. The book talks about, Eff mainly but also Lan, growing up in Mill City which is a town right by the magical border. In Mill City (and the rest of the world) everyone has magic and is sheltered by a magical border against wild animals. These animals are also magical and very few try to brave against them, but Eff wants to. It's finale is exciting and demonstrates how everyone in the story has really grown up to be talented people. It's continued by a second book: Across the Great Barrier. .
Out of 5:
Romance: None, but a few mentions of future possibilities.